St Michael's Cricket Club


Opponent : Spencer
Date : 10 July 2004
Venue : Racecourse
Result : Abandoned due to rain

Innings of: Spencer 

1 George ct Kirby b Cannell 56 Bowling O M R W
2 Muscutt ct York b Swann 26 I Geddes 4 0 24 1
3 Crabtree b Swann 22 M Swann 6 1 29 1
4 Bishop ct b Palangi 5 T Kirby 5 0 8 0
5 Law b Swann 19 T Marlow 6 0 34 0
6 Clare st b Swann 1 S Cannell 11 2 41 4
7 Wadhams not out 22 R Palangi 8 0 28 2
8 Tootall LBW Geddes 6
9 Healy b Swann 1
10 Masters not out 0
Overs 40


Wickets 8



Innings of: St Michael's

1 D Harrison b Law 2 Bowling O M R W
2 R Palangi b Law 11 Clare 8 5 9 1
3 I Geddes ct Clare 0 Law 10 2 30 2
4 W Kingston sr not out 14 Muscutt 8 1 24 0
5 W Kingston jr not out 75 Wadhams 3 0 24 0
Overs 32


14 Bishop 3 0 16 0
Wickets 3



Match report

As the captain was running late due to a player who will remain nameless rang at 1.10 to say that he would make his own way to the cricket and would not need to be picked up, this was because he was buying some spikes!!! Vice Captain Kingston (Jnr) stepped in briefly to win the toss and invite Spencer to have a bat.

During the first over of play St. Michaels 11th player turned up having been to town, Mr Palangi was sporting a new pair of, no not spikes but Nike air pumps !!! ( Red and Black!!!) Excellent!!!

Spencer got off to a flying start on a racecourse pitch with a very fast out field. With 6 overs gone they were on 46 without loss and then Muscutt tried to play one to many and Swanny took the first wicket. The run rate then slowed as St Michaels were able to contain the Spencer attack. It was the deceptively devious slow Cannell that bamboozled the Spencer batsmen taking 4 for 41.

It was a difficult day in the field with injuries sustained by Kingston (jnr), T. Kirby, S. Cannell and Kingston (snr) with his ongoing injury in spite of wearing two knee supports and applying a number of ointments.  The main problem being arthritis which a bone specialist diagnosed a year or so ago following an arthroscopy. He felt that there was little to be done other than try to build the muscles up around the knee. To this effect W. Kingston (snr) has invested in a certain amount of gym equipment and a personal trainer and now works out on a regular basis while watching the Simpsons.  Last week was a particularly good episode in which Lisa damaged her saxophone. However I feel I may be getting off the subject (extract from Bill Kingston's Autobiography titled "The growing aches and pains of Bill Kingston aged 57."

With 5 overs lost to the rain, Spencer finished up with a very respectable 179 for 8.

There was a chance of a win for St. Michael's with the pitch now dry, fast outfield and not forgetting a strong batting line up. However a solid start was required, and at 11-3, things weren't going according to plan. 

Kingston (snr) was sent in to block out and batten down the hatches he was joined by Kingston (jnr) who also was instructed to block out.  And block out they did as Kingston father and son put on an excellent 10 runs in the next 10 overs.  What followed was a mini onslaught as Kingston father and son took it to the Spencer bowling attack with ball flying everywhere well mainly cow corner!!. St Michael's were getting back in the game and with 10 over remaining 80 were required and this looked possible with the Spencer attack getting weaker, and Mr Muscutt getting slightly narked off and coming down the track about every other ball to have a chat with the batsmen!! I think he was asking which pub we were going to afterwards or something like that ( but was sent back on a number of occasions to field the ball as it trickled down to the Romany!)

Unfortunately in the 32nd over on 116 for 3 the rain came pouring down and play was abandoned. Kingston father and son both remained not out and put on a partnership of 105 (Kingston (jnr) 75* and Kingston (snr) 14*)

The reason for the extensive report is due to the fact that i am a student and have nothing to do all day! lovely jubbly!!!

Report written by Will Kingston jr (Vice Captain)


Player Reason Amount
Ian Geddes
  • Duck
  • Leaving early (again!)
Simon Cannell
  • Getting aroused on the pitch (??)

Malc Swann
  • Use of feet (again!), this time giving the ball an extra 20 yards in distance
Dale Harrison
  • Driving over the ball - schoolboy error
Tom Marlow
  • Foe being charitable to the opposition (most unlike you Bear!)
Brian Ahearn
  • Drop - not an easy catch, but you've got to hold on to those at this level.
  • Suicidal run out
Clayton Kelly
  • Lack of commitment
  • Being South African
Will Kingston
  • Another injury
Bill Kingston
  • Slow scoring.
  • No make that unbearably slow scoring - 14 in 28 overs. No wonder no one watches cricket anymore!!
Danny York
  • Hand warmer - poof!!
Trev Kirby
  • Wrong hat, 2 dropped catches, being injured and swearing when being told his fine. 
Rushon Palangi
  • Turning up late
  • Buying new trainers and with no spikes
  • Lack of commitment in the field
Martin Baker & Matt Collier
  • Lack of commitment. I know it was a trip to Lord's and the tickets were en gratuit, but real players don't go off in the rain.


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