St Michael's Cricket Club


Opponent : St Michael's President's XI
Date : 29 August 2004
Venue : Northampton Saints CC
Result : Won by 4 wickets

Innings of: President's XI

1 R Scott ct Kingston jr Baker 33 Bowling O M R W
2 M Pettit run out 31 M Swann 8 2 17 1
3 A Davies ct Kingston sr Cannell 21 R Palangi 7 0 26 1
4 G Jackson ct Kingston jr Palangi 21 M Baker 6 1 27 1
5 T Kirby ct Kelly Cannell 0 C Kelly 8 2 45 0
6 G Mayes ct & b Swann 10 I Geddes 5 0 20 0
7 R Bonney not out 23 S Cannell 6 1 18 2
8 M Lowe not out 14
Overs 40


Wickets 6



Run rate: 1-4  2-9  3-9  4-11  5-12  6-14  7-17  8-25  9-33  10-39  11-46  12-55  13-60  14-60  15-60  16-60  17-62  18-66  19-71  20-76  21-80  22-84  23-87  24-90  25-92  26-93  27-99  28-106  29-110  30-113  31-114  32-118  33-120  34-122  35-123  36-131  37-131  38-138  39-144  40-157

FoW: 1-60    2-80    3-90    4-92    5-118    6-118

Innings of: St Michael's

1 D Harrison b Allen 28 Bowling O M R W
2 R Palangi b Lowe 0 M Lowe 8 0 44 1
3 M Collier LBW Page 29 K Mason 8 1 27 0
4 W Kingston jr LBW Page 0 M Allen 8 3 15 1
5 A Bartley run out 26 N Page 7.2 3 12 2
6 M Swann b Jackson 10 G Jackson 4 2 16 1
7 I Geddes not out 38 T Kirby 5 0 37 0
8 S Cannell not out 18
Overs 39.2


Wickets 6



Run rate: 1-2  2-10  3-11  4-13  5-18 6-22  7-26  8-28  9-33  10-34  11-39  12-45  13-48  14-53  15-54  16-54  17-59  18-59  19-59  20-59  21-59  22-59  23-60  24-61  25-61  26-64  27-64  28-66  29-74  30-76  31-77  32-88  33-98  34-109  35-118  36-130  37-137  38-145  39-156  

FoW: 1-2    2-59    3-59    4-59    5-76    6-132

Match report 

St Michael's celebrated their 125th birthday in style with a most spectacular and successful President's Day. And they even sneaked a last over victory as well

The day started with a Champagne reception to allow acquaintances were renewed. A series of photographs of the teams followed. Graham Mayes, skipper of the President's XI, won the toss and asked the St Michael's side to bat first.

The President's opening pair of Richard Scott and Martin Pettit made a good start, scoring freely against the St Michael's opening bowlers of the evergreen Malcolm Swann and Clayton Kelly. After 13 overs the score had raced on to 60-0. Martin Baker eventually made the breakthrough, lulling Scotty into having a favoured leg side pull, but the shot was straight to Will Kingston at deep mid wicket, where he took a good catch. Next to go was Napoleon Pettit. Trying to take a second single, he old legs couldn't quite get him home in time, and skipper Ian Geddes' throw to the bowlers end was accurate enough to see the Bold player out by a couple of yards.

Andy Davies and Geoff Jackson were looking solid before Davies holed out to Bill Kingston for 21 of Simon Cannell's bowling. Jackson was looking set for a large score before he fended off a high full toss, and was caught at mid wicket by Kingston jr.

Next in was Trev Kirby. Looking to push the score on, he came down the wicket to Cannell and lofted a shot towards long off that seemed destined for a boundary. However Clayton Kelly had other ideas, and launched himself to take a stunning catch in front of the scoreboard. 

Skipper Graham Mayes was looking comfortable before an extra yard of pace from Malc Swann took him by surprise, and he drove a catch straight back to the veteran bowler. A short rain break after 36 overs brought the players off the field temporarily, before late cameos by the Silver Fox (Dick Bonney) and Mick Lowe added impetus to the final score.

A superb tea was then enjoyed by both teams. The ladies of St Michael's put on a superb spread that was enjoyed by everyone. Fortunately the St Michael's players would now have the chance to put their feet up and let it settle. Bill Kingston was offered the opportunity to open the reply, but declined, citing that we should make a quick start. Me thinks that he really had too much cake and was unable to move!

The first over was bowled by Mick Lowe, and it didn't take him long to make the breakthrough, bowling Rushon Palangi in the first over for a duck. Matt Collier and Dale Harrison then put on a solid half century partnership. Against former players the veteran Kev Mason and Lowe, runs came at 4 an over, and good progress was being made. A double bowling change then saw Mick Allen and Nick Page brought into the attack. A double breakthrough followed, Harrison bowled by Allen for 28 backing away, and Collier LBW to page for 29. Will Kingston failed to trouble the scorers, and was also LBW to Page for a duck.

Malc Swann and guest Alan Bartley then proceeded to shut up shop. Five maiden over on the bounce saw the scoring rate slow to a snail's pace. Perhaps they thought it was a league match, and were going for the draw? Anyway, after what seemed like an eternity, they both snapped out of it. Swann was bowled by Geoff Jackson for 10, brining skipper Ian Geddes to the crease.

Bartley hit a huge six over the scoreboard as he remember that it was not against the law to score on a Sunday, as he and Geddes added 56 runs for the sixth wicket. Bart was eventually out for 26, unable to turn quickly enough was a second run was declined by Geddes. A comparison to an oil tanker trying to turn was immediately made.  

Geddes was seeing the ball like to football now, and was taking boundaries and singles in equal measure. He was joined at the wicket by Simon Cannell, and together these 2 made guided St Michael's home in the last over to grab a memorable victory with 4 balls to spare.

The presentation ceremony saw Matt Collier thank all those who had put in their time and effort to make the day such a success. The Man of the Match awards went to Martin Pettit and Ian Geddes, whilst the Champagne Moment went to Clayton Kelly for his superb catch.

More excellent food was served afterwards, followed by a hearty sing song, lead by Bill Kingston and Martin Pettit t o round off the perfect day.

Photos to follow.....


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