St Michael's Cricket Club


Opponent : Spencer
Date : 17 May 2008
Venue : Brixworth
Result : Match abandoned - rain

Innings of: Spencer

1 S Faulkner ct Geddes b Baker 0 Bowling O M R W
2 D Cox ct Ahearn b Lambert 8 M Baker 5 0 24 1
3 M George not out 22 G Lambert 5 0 16 1
4 R Muscutt not out  10
Overs 10


Wickets 2



Match report (by a bloke at the bar)

The weather was the winner as Team St Michael's entertained Spencer in week 4 of their Division 9 season.

The omens didn't look good when a duck was seen resting on the outfield. Perhaps he knew of the rain showers to follow, or had heard of the other gathering of ducks at St David's on Saturday afternoons. We'll never know.

St Michael's veteran skipper Will Kingston won the toss and offered an invitation to Spencer to bat first. Martin 'Gilly' Baker took a wicket with the first ball of the match, his waist high full bunger being tentatively clipped by Faulkner to the waiting hands of Ian 'Shaun Pollock' Geddes at mid off. Geoff Lambert took the other wicket, Rambo having Cox caught behind by the confident glovework of Brian 'Bertie' Ahearn.

Spencer had struggled to score a rake of runs so far this season, and so Baker, being the ever considerate cricketer that he is, decided with the rain falling and an abandonment imminent he would attempt to play the batters back into form with a series of short balls outside off stump for them to pump repeatedly through the covers off the back foot. The offside resembled Tin Can Alley as , Bartley, Cannell and Mayes were all fired at by the Spencer batters, who were quickly regaining lost confidence.
However, the day will be remembered more for the off field activity. Firstly the Swiss Family Harrison served a tea to rival that of the legendary Lamberts from previous week, with healthy salads interspersed with sandwiches, home made cakes (coffee and chocolate) and every cricketers favourite...tarts !

Talking of tarts, in the dressing room, skipper Will 'Big Boy' Kingston almost took the weekly Geoff Humpage award 10 minutes before the start of play when the lads were more interested in seeing who had won the roll over football card sold by the gargantuan Tom Marlow than listen to his address. With his blood pressure rising and the pitch in his voice going up three octaves, lines like "So I'll be quiet then if no one is going to listen me" and "Am I wasting my time guys?" were screamed out from the captain's corner.

Will Kingston - what a tart!!

Will Kingston - What a tart!

Then, when the room was calm and order restored, the skipper treated the team to a pearl of wisdom that captains around the league will no doubt want to buy into in future weeks; The more runs we keep them down to, the easier it is going to be for us when we bat!!!...What a tart!!!

As the after match tasks were completed, 'Big' Al Bartley, who had earlier entertained the dressing room with jokes and banter, won the football card with an inspired punt on Hearts. Not satisfied with that, he then went and won the second card in the bar later, and duly bought absolutely nothing for his thirsty team mates, instead leaving the 40 large sitting tight in his '1985 chinos for big men' side pocket.

Next week sees St Mick's get their passports and overnight bags out as we embark on an away day to Thrapston. The journey to the promise land continues...


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