St Michael's Cricket Club


Opponent : Great Houghton II
Date : 7 June June 2008
Venue : Leys Lane, Great Houghton
Result : Lost by 5 wickets

Innings of: St Michael's

1 S Tinant ct Lane b Sawle 0 Bowling O M R W
2 G Mayes ct Lane b Mousley 0 M Sawle 13 3 23 1
3 A Bartley ct Thomason b Mousley 5 B Mousley 7 4 6 2
4 W Kingston jr run out 45 C Skevington 9 1 23 1
5 M Collier LBW b Skevington 12 M Chaudhry 10 2 27 3
6 M Swann b Chaudhry 21 S Buglass 6 0 19 1
7 B Ahearn LBW b Chaudhry 1

M Lowe

ct Chaudhry b Buglass 0
9 J Bartley not out 9

S Cannell

st Lane

b Chaudhry 0
Overs 45


Wickets 9



Innings of: Great Houghton II

1 I Bold LBW b Lowe 17 Bowling O M R W
2 K Lane ct Ahearn b Mayes 22 M Lowe 11 3 17 1
3 B Mousley ct Lowe b Mayes 22 M Baker 5 0 23 0
4 D Thomason ct Collier b Cannell 11 M Swann 6 0 15 0
5 S Brockwell ct Cannell b Mayes 2 S Cannell 6 0 25 1
6 M Jackson not out 5 G Mayes 6 0 23 3
7 M Sawle not out 18 W Kingston jr 0.2 0 4 0
Overs 34.2


Wickets 5



Match report (by a season ticket holder)

St Michael's slipped to defeat against Great Houghton II in testing conditions on Saturday. With the bowler friendly conditions apparent, St Michael's lost the crucial toss and were invited to bat. Before the fans had taken their seats, the mighty Mick's were 3 down, Tinant, Mayes and Big Al Bartley were back reading the newspapers. Captain Will Kingston stepped to the fore and played a resolute and determined innings against good bowling on a more than helpful track to forge partnerships first with Matt Collier, then Malc Swann, and then with the tail to limp St Michael's to 106-9 in their 45 overs. Without his innings of 45 the team may have struggled to

After tea, St Michael's, sporting their new club kit (caps, shirts and jumpers, not to mention after match leisurewear) knew that early wickets were vital if they were to snatch an unlikely victory. With the crocked seamer Rambo Lambo (sporting ridiculous designer stubble in contrasting silver and brown tones) walking the boundary and Messrs Marlow and Geddes elsewhere for the day, the honour was bestowed on veteran St Michael's seamer Martin Baker and tricky Micky Lowe, returning from an injury lay off.

Although both spearheads beat the bat, a combination of no luck and determined batting saw Great Houghton to 56-1 at drinks with Lowey grabbing the sole wicket. Veteran trundler Malc Swann, who on another day could have picked up 4 or 5 wickets, had batsmen chipping the ball just short of the fielders and outside edges falling wide or short of the slip cordon.

In desperation, the skipper then introduced the delicious fayre of Simon 'Kipling' Cannell and threw the ball to portly pie thrower Graham 'Cakey' Mayes. Both weaved their web of mystery as first Mayes and then Cannell grabbed a wicket each. Then the Cakemeister scoffed 2 more caught by the juggling Micky Lowe at slip and the lunging Simon Cannell at gully as Houghton wobbled. It wasn't to be, however, as first a cherry topped Kipling pie and then a Captain Kingston flight of filth were deposited into the next field as Houghton closed the game out.

After the match, the lads retired to the White Hart for a drink with the opposition all wearing our new club t-shirts. The football card was sold by the timeless Malc Swann who has now played for St Michaels in 6 different decades since making his debut at the tender age of 12. This week the winner was Brian 'The Bear' Ahearn, another 20 year stalwart with an audacious pop on The Canaries of Norwich City.

Next week sees the troops have a season defining match against Poddington at fortress Brixworth, with soldiers of fortune Geddes and Harrison returning. Sergeant Geddes is also back from a tour of duty but the question the civilians of St David's are asking "Where is the muscle bound one man army...... RAMBO ?!"

The adventure continues.....

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