St Michael's Cricket Club


Opponent : Podington II
Date : 14 June June 2008
Venue : St David's, Brixworth
Result : Won by 123 runs

Innings of: St Michael's

1 S Tinant ct Humphries b Luke Parsons 71 Bowling O M R W
2 G Mayes ct J Waterfield b M Parsons 0 Luke Parsons 10 1 69 2
3 W Kingston jr ct J Waterfield b B Parsons 35 M Parsons 13 6 27 1
4 A Bartley run out 28 B Parsons 5 1 15 1
5 T Marlow b Luke Parsons 3 D Andrews 8 1 23 0
6 I Geddes ct P Waterfield b Humphries 21 Lee Parsons 4 0 22 0
7 D Harrison not out 12 J Humphries 5 0 22 1

B Ahearn

not out 1
Overs 45


Wickets 6



Innings of: Podington II

1 P Waterfield ct Ahearn b Lowe 23 Bowling O M R W
2 J Waterfield ct Ahearn b Marlow 0 M Lowe 8 0 29 4
3 A Stokes ct Harrison b Lowe 15 T Marlow 3 0 14 1
4 P Parsons b Lowe 0 M Swann 6 2 5 1
5 D Andrews LBW b Lowe 0 M Baker 3.2 0 9 1
6 Luke Parsons b Swann 3 I Geddes 3 0 5 2
7 J Hart b Baker 4
8 J Humphries not out 12
9 Lee Parsons b Geddes 0
10 B Parsons b Geddes 1
11 M Parsons run out 4
Overs 23.2


Wickets 10



Tinants Super too potent for Podington...

St Michael's returned to winning ways and maintained a 100% winning record at St David's with a resounding 123 run victory of Podington II. Simeon Tinant was the batting hero with a resolute and determined 71 in St Michael's eventual total of 194-7.

Tinant batted the anchor role throughout, but still managed 8 delicious fours and 1 mighty, meaty six. Other useful contributions came from captain Will 'Big Boy' Kingston, 'Big' Al Bartley and Ian 'Sidwell' Geddes and a 'what's the word - word up' cameo from Dill 'Weenyhead' Harrison.

The batting half of the game also brought much attention around the world, as the match was being shown overseas. New cricket mogul Allan Stanford has approached the club and offered 1 million every week for the next 5 weeks if Simeon can 'get it off the square' inside the first 20 overs. Furthermore, the 26 dolphins of the Cornish coast were watching ball by ball action from St David's, but they collectively decided at the drinks break after 23 overs that mass suicide was preferable than watching Tinant and Will Kingston bat for the second half.

It wasn't just Simeon who caught the eye this week though, 'Big' Al Bartley ran up and down like a yo-yo and was completely knackered when he walked off after being run out, looking somewhat rabid with exhausted spittle oozing from either side of his cheeky little mouth. Or was that a bit of quiche he had in his pocket to keep the energy levels up after being asked by Malc Swann to obtain two for tea?

After a Swannalicious tea, the Mick's took the field, again waiting on every word of tosh coming from the skipper's large gob. Whatever he said must have worked as first Tom 'The Beast' Marlow had Waterfield caught behind, before Mick 'Bunga' Lowe took centre stage. Only two weeks ago, 'Peda' was fearing the worst, but in a recovery of health more associated with Lazarus, he ripped the heart of the Podington batting with 4-29 and a bit of verbal to boot.

Martin 'Gilly' Baker came on to take a scalp and Malc 'The Veteran' Swann, now officially the oldest player in club cricket anywhere, took a wicket with the slower, slower, slower ball. Ginger Prince Ian Geddes came on for some tail end burglary (2-5) before the lads retired to the bar.

Amazingly Al Bartley won the footy card again, plumping (no pun intended!!!!) for the home town of Northampton for his 4th win this season in 7 cards sold. How ironic that he provides them each week for the team!!??!!

As dawn broke on Sunday morning, Mick Lowe returned to his oxygen chamber for another week's rest, Simeon was having his statue erected in Brixworth village centre, and somewhere in the distance, just too far away to see for sure, (to the tune of Rocky please) a man with a bad back, missed, but not forgotten, was seen running, jumping and putting up posters of 'Bold Dragoon - 5th July' on trees, before repeatedly punching and kicking them down with only the words 'You drew First Blood' spewing from his lips....

The crusade continues.......


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