St Michael's Cricket Club


South African Expedition 2000

Thursday 13 January 2000

We arrive in an overcast J’burg International Airport, pass through customs, and immediately have our first Castle Lager. 2.40 for 3 pints. We thought how cheap it was, not knowing how much cheaper it was going to get. We then bumped into Alan Lamb - a photo opportunity too good to miss.

A taxi takes us to our hotel in down town Pretoria, the Orange Court Lodge. Rather than a traditional hotel, it’s an old building that has been converted into small apartments. Ours is a 3 bed flat with kitchen, bathroom and living area. Just what the doctor ordered. The landlady gives us a map, and immediately draws a line through the middle of it. We’re on the ‘safe side’, and warns us not to cross the line, especially after dark !!

Matt spots Bill Kingston at Johannesburg airport  

By amazing co-incidence, Bill Kingston was at the airport too.


After a slap up meal at Maxi’s diner and a few more beers playing 10-pin bowling, it was time to cross ‘The Line’. Our intrepid travellers headed towards Essellen Street, highlighted in our guide book as a good area for bars and pubs. It wasn’t much cop though, but we did manage to end up in a rather good but downtrodden ‘sports bar’. Several more beers later and a few games of pool under our belts with a pair of local lesbian biffas, a taxi (costing a whole 1) was taken back to the Orange Court Lodge. But it was pissing down, and the test match was due to begin tomorrow.

Friday 14 January

Allan Lamb meets the lads

And so was Alan Lamb


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