St Michael's Cricket Club


South African Expedition 2000

Saturday 15 January 2000

It was still raining lightly when we awoke from our hangovers next morning. When we arrived at Centurion Park, things didn’t look too promising. The covers were on, the sky was grey, and the forecast was poor.

Eventually, the covers did come off, and the umpires said play would start at 1:30. At 1:20, the skies opened. It boy, did they open ? It hammered down. Play for the day was immediately abandoned

What to do now ? Our taxi wasn’t due to pick us up again until 6:30. As luck would have it, across the road we saw a sign saying ‘Sportsman’s pub’. Inside, it was actually an indoor cricket school. But there was a bar upstairs, and a pool table, so we immediately started drinking beer and playing pool. At 5pm, the TVs started showing some English Premier League football - Arsenal v Sunderland.

By 6:30, we were just a little bit w##kered. So when we got back, we just carried on. Firstly at the bowling alley, and then back to our favourite sports bar. By midnight, we were really w##kered. Not a bad day after all.

Dave tries to sleep off the Castle Lager

Dave tries to sleep off the night before's excesses

Sunday 16 January


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