St Michael's Cricket Club


South African Expedition 2000

Sunday 16 January 2000

We were all pretty delicate after the previous night’s excursions. Still, we had a test match to go to. Our taxi duly arrived, and we arrived at Centurion Park to see the same old scene - lots of covers and not much cricket.

Whilst it wasn’t raining any more, the amount of rain that had fallen over the past 48 hours made play unlikely. In fact, the rain was so heavy in the Gauteng area that 4 people had died in flooding. By 2 o’clock, play for the day had been called off. We went back to the indoor cricket school, and called a cab.

When we got back to Pretoria, none of us had the energy to go out, so a quiet night in was had. Pathetic really when you think about it.

Monday 17 January


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