St Michael's Cricket Club


South African Expedition 2000

Monday 17 January 2000

Instead of going to Centurion Park, we waited in the hotel and watched the hourly reports on the TV. Most of the ground was OK, but a patch of ground at one end of the ground on the bowler’s run up was still too dangerous for play. Outside the ground ran a river, and water had apparently seeped up under the ground. Play was eventually called off at 2 o’clock, whereupon we went to the zoo. Stupid really, when you consider we were due to go on a safari in 3 days.

That night, we went to Hatfield, a trendier part of Pretoria. It was cold enough for Gilly to buy a sweater in a rather trendy surf shop. Served by the obliging Monica, a bargain was got at 10 for a ‘No fear, sweatshirt.

Then more food and beer in Hatfield Square, and a taxi back, hoping upon hope that we’d see some play tomorrow. But more in hope than anything else.

Orange Court Lodge, Pretoria

The Orange Court Lodge, Pretoria

Tuesday 18 January


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