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South African Expedition 2000

Thursday 27 January

This morning, we went up to Table Mountain. From the bottom, you don’t get a real idea how big it is. But as you get closer, you realise that it’s massive.

There’s a regular cable car to the top, and when you do get there, it is as flat as a pancake. The views around the bay are spectacular, and you can see all the way down the coast to the Cape of Good Hope. Lunch was had at the cafe, before we headed back in to town.

We had planned to visit the District 6 museum next. This is a museum dedicated to a Cape Town community that was forcibly evicted in the 1960s under the apartheid regime. Unfortunately, it was being re-built and so we retreated back to the hotel after a spot of shopping.

That evening, there was an added sporting bonus for us. We found out the previous day that there was a tri-nation hockey tournament taking place in Cape Town, featuring the women’s teams from South Africa, the Netherlands and Great Britain.

Someone give him a shove !!!

Dave on Table Mountain

We set off by train to see the game between GB and South Africa. We entered the ground by the players entrance (in error, honest) and were quite please with ourselves at having saved on the entrance fee. When we discovered it would have only cost us 20p to get in anyway, the excitement of getting in illegally was somewhat tarnished.

Many of the Barmy Army had also come along to watch, and so it was a healthy crowd that saw GB come out on top 2-1, with Jane Smith and Jane Sixsmith scoring the goals.

Afterwards, we went on to the pitch to meet the players. A few photos were taken, free beer was handed out from the sponsors, and I even managed to a kiss of Mandy Nicholson, a player who’d I fancied for years. It was just a shame that Purdy Miller wasn’t playing - she top totty too.

The plan then was to get the last train back in to town and go to eat at a seafood restaurant. When the train didn’t turn up, we trudged back to the stadium to call a taxi.

Whilst Dave went to call a cab, me and Matt went in to the hospitality tent. We duly helped ourselves to more free beer, free food and the best letch I think I’ve ever had. In the tent were all the players from GB, South Africa and the Netherlands, all freshly showered and looking gorgeous. It was like I’d died and gone to heaven.


Gilly and Matt with (from l to r)
Jane Sixsmith, Rhona Simpson and Kate Walsh

Dave duly turned up and told us that he’d managed to wangle us a lift back in to town with the South African physio. She was hot too. What a night !!! She dropped us off at a seafood restaurant she recommended, and we thanked her more graciously for her hospitality.

Had a top draw seafood meal, with some cracking wine. We were all totally lashed, but feeling good too.

Surprisingly went back to the Irish Rover and then got w##kered again.

Friday 28 January


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