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South African Expedition 2000

Friday 28 January

Our last full day in South Africa.

A lazy morning, sleeping off the excesses of the night before, and then off to Newlands for the day/night match against Zimbabwe

The ground was only about a quarter full, with a hardy band of Zimbabwe fans occupying part of the grass bank by the large scoreboard. So with the ground to choose from, me and Matt went to sit behind the bowler’s end in the sun. And despite 85% of the seats in the ground being free, some tosser decided that he anted to move me from where I was sitting just so he could sit where his ticket stub said. Tosser. So when he went away to buy some more drinks, I dropped some chocolate on the chair which made a nice stain on his trousers when he got back. Serves him right, the tosser.

Newlands in Cape Town

Newlands, with Table Mountain Mountain in the
background and the Castle Lager Brewery in the foreground

Zimbabwe’s opening batsmen scored freely with little trouble. A few wickets fell here and there, but in the end, they managed to put on about 211.

During the break, we used our ticket stubs to gain entry to the ‘England Supporters Club Area’, where we were allowed to claim a free meal and drink. This was only available to those who had bought their tickets from the UK. A small consolation for paying a premium over what the tickets would have cost us if we’d bought them at the gate.

In reply, England batted awfully. It was truly a pitiful batting display. We were all out for 107, and lost by a staggering 104 runs, with Henry Olonga getting 6 wickets.

So to drown our sorrows, we went back to the Irish Rover and got w##kered.

The scoreboard says it all

The Newlands scoreboard shows England's crushing
margin of defeat to the mighty Zimbabwe.

Saturday 29 January


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