St Michael's Cricket Club


South African Expedition 2000

Saturday 29 January

After yet another heavy night, hangovers were had all round. We checked out of the hotel, and went down to the Waterside for a lazy morning. Did some last minute shopping in the large shopping centre there, and then headed back to Sea Point for a last round of Crazy Golf.

We had intended to go back to Theo’s restaurant to have one last good meal and a letch at Rachel, the saucy waitress, but it was closed, and so we went to another ‘authentic’ Irish pub nearby.

Caught one last taxi back to the airport, whereupon Matt was promptly sick in the gents. Very nice. Got on the 747 and flew home, and that’s about it.

So all in all, a triffic holiday, and a country well worth visiting.

 The end


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