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Yet another chaotic Signing

In a move which has made the cricketing world once again question his state of mental health, Kev Mason, the injury-prone but rock like skipper of St Michael’s CC has made what he has described as ‘an absolutely stunning signing’. Once again, Captain Chaos has gone east for his latest acquisition, saying it was his ‘rock like qualities’ which persuaded him to make the signing, that of The Great Wall of China.

Angel Delight

Asked why he had signed a wall over a thousand miles long to play in a cricket team made up (mostly) with human being, Mason described the way in which an angel had come down from heaven and convinced him that acquiring Mr Wall would be an astute move.

Speaking from his secure padded cell, he went on to add ‘When was the last time you saw him drop a catch, or get out for less than double figures?’ Quite.

Kev Mason latest inspirational signing

A Chinaman


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