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Fashion extra

Welcome to another SMR exclusive. We’ve got together with the toppermost clothing designers from all the top fashion houses across the global village to bring you The Swann Collection, a complete wardrobe for today’s go-getting type of person. Each garment has been made to the highest of standards, and so how how they would look, we’ve attached fold-over tabs so that you can cut them out and place them on your own ‘Malc Fashion Doll’. See special packs of Wheetibangs for details.

FASHION EXTRA5.jpg (9145 bytes)

Malc Swann shirt - very stylish


Wow! Stylish or what? Note the extra large collar and frilly bits that make this shirt a must for any die hard fashion animal. 10 out of 10!!


Yes, yes, yes!! Pull the chicks in this stylish, made-to-measure sleeveless pullover. Made with real acrylic, this vital fashion accessory will mix ‘n’ match with any shirt or jacket. Wear it, and just watch as the girls swoop all over you!!


A must for any wardrobe



Who said turn-ups weren’t trendy? Malc knows a thing or two about leg wear, and if he says they’re in, you’d better listen.



Yo!! Rave on with these wickedly crucial acid-house jogging bottoms. Designed by Youngstar, no party animal is complete without a pair.

Cool dude jogging bottoms



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