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Cricketing Masterclass

The Art of Spin            with Matthew ‘Kitty’ Collier.

In the last issue, Matthew described the subtlest of variations, the flipper. Today, he gives his expert tips on the full toss.

‘The full toss can be a tremendous weapon if used sparingly, say two of three times an over. But don’t be tempted to overdo it. I tried four an over recenstly, and the batsmen were beginning to read it !!

‘The secret of success is concealment, so always try to make it look as if you had no control whatsoever over the delivery. You can build this illusion by cursing, rubbing dirt on your hands, or my own speciality, alternating it with rank long hops.

‘But there is one thing……

(That’s enough of this crap. Ed.)

Matt Collier helps endangered butterflies with his generous bowling

We'll be fine here.
Matt Collier's bowling !!

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