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Blue Peter / SMR Appeal

To celebrate the fortieth anniversary of Britain’s best loved kiddies TV programme, we at the SMR and Blue Peter are joining forces to launch a special end of millennium appeal.

We thought long and hard of a deserving cause. The hungry, the homeless and the poor were all worthy candidates. But in the end we decided to look closer to home for a deserving cause.

Ian ‘Slapper’ Geddes has been without a white pair of socks since we can all remember. And so we have decided to join forces to get a few pairs for him.

What a sorry site he looks in the outfield with either his black school socks on, or a pair of checked efforts his Aunty Madge bought him for him 16th birthday. HE NEEDS OUR HELP, GODAMMIT !!!

How you can help

Send your old, unwanted white socks to the SMR offices, and we’ll sort through them all to get some matching pairs that we can pass on to this unfortunate creature. (Volunteers are required to handle donations).

And to help you monitor our progress, we have designed a cut-out-and-keep SOCKATHON CHART, so you can see how well the appeal’s going. Simply log on to our WEB site at WWW.SOXPONGALOT\GINGER\TWAT.CO.UK for the latest, fill in the chart with a crayon of you favourite colour, and share the excitement as we near our target.


Let's all help get Ian Geddes a new pair of socks!!!


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