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SKY launch bid for St Michael’s

Murdoch’s Millions set to cause turmoil

In another move that has shaken the world of cricket to its foundations, Rupert Murdoch, (rich Aussie bastard and owner of The Sun) personally intervened to make a dramatic offer to buy the greatest cricket team in the world, St Michael’s.

We can exclusively reveal that secret negotiations in a lay-by on the A508 have been held over the past few weeks with Malcolm Swann, the respected and trustworthy treasurer of St Michael’s, and Miss Samantha Fox, best know as a topless model with big boobs.

SKY dish of the day

With St Michael’s poised to join the proposed new European Super League, Sky have realised that by buying probably the most famous cricket club in the world, they can use the club’s almost limitless fan base to sell more satellite dishes.

Trouble at Kingsthorpe Mill

But trouble was brewing last night, with a potential rebellion amongst the clubs loyal supporters. A Mr M Dog of Northampton said ‘It’s disgraceful. I’ve been a loyal supporter of the club for centuries. This move will force me to sell my body to raise the funds to buy a satellite dish. And I don’t even like cricket !!’


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