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Man of the Match Awards - 1998

by D Tebbutt

I’ve always been known as a good, fair judge when it comes to these sort of things, so I’ve taken it upon myself to give an overview of this year’s top performances.

  • 9 May v East Haddon
  • D Tebbutt 36, 1 catch
  • I Geddes 2 - 20
What a match. I won the game on my own, even though it was drawn. A quality display of batting here, and a catch to boot.

MOM - D Tebbutt

  • 16 May v Queen’s Park WMC
  • D Tebbutt 0
  • W Kingston 31
  • K Mason 2 - 18
Another easy decision and another tie for the collection. I was outstanding in the field, and despite not contributing much with the bat, my overall performance couldn’t be faulted.

MOM - D Tebbutt

  • 23 May v Billing
  • D Tebbutt 0
  • B Ahearn 46
  • M Swann 3 - 25
Ahearn put in a brave display, but to no available, as defeat was tasted for the first time. But yet again, I felt I did more than enough here to gain the vote from me.

MOM - D Tebbutt

  • 13 June Kingsley Park WMC
  • D Tebbutt 0
  • W Kingston 2*
Despite what looks like another failure, I did actually last 3 overs in the face of some hostile bowling.

MOM - D Tebbutt

  • 27 June v Dallington
  • D Tebbutt 15
  • N Holliday 21
  • M Swann 6 - 27
These figure fail to show a true reflection of the game. Swann pushed hard here, and on any other day this just might have been enough, but the decision was never really in doubt.

MOM - D Tebbutt

  • 11 July v East Haddon
  • D Tebbutt 9*
  • M Baker 7 - 27
Top score for me, and I was well on my way to a ton when the rain came down. Gilly did well, but not well enough.

MOM - D Tebbutt

  • 18 July v Queen’s Park WMC
  • M Collier 40
  • I Geddes 3 - 14
Even though I didn’t play, I did manage to watch the last 10 overs, which I feel had a decisive impact on the game. Give it to me. GIVE IT TO ME !!

MOM - D Tebbutt

  • 1 August v Primms XLCR
  • D Tebbutt 6
  • G Mayes 32
  • M Baker 4 - 22
As probably the most versatile player in the team, it was no surprise that I did so well behind the stumps - 1 catch plus numerous good takes down the lag side saved a plethora of runs. Mr Versatile or what ?

MOM - D Tebbutt

  • 8 August v Ecton Hall
  • D Tebbutt 0
  • B Ahearn 32
  • I Geddes 3 - 37
Not many runs here, but I did get a cracking run out with a direct hit, which undoubtedly swung the game in our favour. Plus not a single mis-field. No one chanced a second run off my arm all afternoon - the scorebook just doesn’t show greatness like that.

MOM - D Tebbutt

  • 22 August v Abington
  • D Tebbutt 12
  • B Ahearn 36
  • A Jewitt 5 - 49
Look past Jewitt’s fine bowling, and Ahearn’s adequate batting, and what do you see - ME. If it wasn’t for me, this team would have gone down the pan years ago. Give me that trophy for Player of the Year NOW !!!

MOM - D Tebbutt

  • 29 August v Dallington
  • D Tebbutt 7
  • M Baker 10
  • A Jewitt 1 - 7
Admittedly, a rather disappointing end to the season. But my score was second highest in the face of some brutal bowling. Baker didn’t deserve it here, as all his runs were lucky. Unlike mine of course.

MOM - D Tebbutt

Player of the year.

The above match-by-match analysis just goes to show that it was ME and ME ALONE that kept St Michael’s up this year. And I’m not being big headed either - the averages just prove it.

And with Curran being sacked from the County’s captaincy, it’s only a matter of time ......(that’s enough crap for one issue. Ed.)


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